Margaret McCarthy & James Leslie 1835 April 07, 2013 6:36 PM

By : Jennifer

Margaret Gertrude McCarthy (born Cork around 1816) married James Thomas Leslie (born Dublin 1812) in Hobart, Tasmania around 1835. I am a descendant of both. Neither Margaret's parents were included on her record of birth however, she had a brother with whom she travelled to Australia . James Thomas Leslie's father, Thomas, was included on his birth certificate but not his mother's name. Can anyone provide an explanation as to the reason for these omissions.

Neither Margaret or James were convicts .James was a 'remittance man' and it is believed that he was sent away by his father as he was 'a rascal'. As he was his father's only son (it appears), I find this an unsatisfactory explanations.

I have no idea how Margaret and her brother could afford to travel from Cork to Australia without either a sponsor or financial assistance.  I assume both were orphans and therefore without means. There is not any record of either having employment in Australia once they arrived.

If anyone is related to Margaret Gertrude Mccarthy or can provide any information re the above, please post a reply. Thanks.

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