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By : ylq

In the morning, there are white clouds floating in the blue sky. The sun is coming out, and the warm sun is shining on the earth. The trees stand there motionless Online Cigarettes. As the wind blows, the leaves dance in the sky with joyful dances. The birds fly freely in the sky, and the butterflies dance in the grass. Law, had to change the physical education class into self-study class, and the language teacher sat on the podium and changed the homework. The classmates are doing their own things, some are reading intently, some are painting, some are writing homework Newport 100S. The classroom is very quiet, and even the sound of a needle can be heard. The teacher changed our homework. Sometimes, there was a smile on the teacher's face and she nodded frequently. Suddenly, the teacher stopped the pen, his brow was locked, his chest was violently undulating, and he seemed very angry. The teacher finally couldn't help it, and he slammed his homework. At this time, all the students were shocked by the teacher's behavior. A classmate who was doing homework slammed the homework he was writing, and his face was dissatisfied with the teacher. There was another classmate who was reading a book. The book fell on the ground. He hugged his arm and sat down. The teacher didn't pay attention. He picked up the book with his right hand and put it in his bag. The classmates stopped working in their hands and stared at the teacher inexplicably. The teacher held up his hands and he stood up and walked to a classmate in the third row Newport Cigarettes. A classmate sitting in front of him sat in his arms and had a cold sweat on his head. And he saw the teacher coming, and quickly put down his homework. His face was pale, and a pair of scared eyes stared at the teacher. The teacher glared at the classmate, his face showed an angry expression Cigarettes Online, the teacher's face rose red and red; the chest was still violently ups and downs. The teacher couldn't bear it, and raised his hand high. At this moment, the thunder in the sky seemed to rumbling. The classmate slammed back and shrank, his shoulders shrugged, and sweat ran down his cheeks, as if he was ready to be beaten. Some students squinted at their faces and did not dare to look at the next picture; some of them had an O-shaped mouth; and some of the classmates smirked and laughed and spoke two words in their mouths; ''Responsible. ����I thought to myself; this classmate should be finished, and the teacher��s fire is not enough. Originally, a classmate went to class to read the extracurricular books, and was embarrassed by the teacher. He criticized the meal and then called his parents. The parents gave him a slap. It seems that history is going to repeat itself. At this moment, the teacher took his hand back. He often sighed and shook his head. He bent down and patted his shoulder with his right hand. Then he straightened up and returned to the podium to continue his work Carton Of Cigarettes. The classroom has restored its former tranquility. The classmate sighed and patted his chest, and wiped the sweat on his head. The sky was bluer than before, and the white clouds became white as snow. The world seems to have restored the harmony of the past.
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