ened my plan to choo September 16, 2019 3:45 AM

By : ylq

The scenes of the time are still vivid, and the ten months have passed. After ten months, we have met again, and the name of the ring is re-released. The third (12) class can be with my dear teachers and classmates. It was really exciting to meet. Looking at those strange but very kind faces, the picture in junior high school continued to flash in front of me, laughing with you, playing together, and finally went to high school together. At the dinner table, we are as lively as before. I can't help but sigh. If the current class can have half of us, we will be content. We like to use the word "we". No matter how far apart, the friendship between the students will not increase. Meeting is as good as before. Although the face is mature, we have no barriers. Including the cute teacher, but also as young and beautiful as before, of course, I have not forgotten thank you Zhang article, riding the car so hard to carry me all the way. The evening breeze passed over my cheek, remembering that I was bickering with you at that time, and I was still crying out of your disappointment Marlboro Gold. Now I feel really funny. Looking at you, although tall but very thin, it is really embarrassing, let you carry me for so long. Finally, I still want to express my thoughts, miss you, my teachers and classmates have been in school for a month, and the adaptation is not bad. The indifference between the students seems to have long been used, up and down the stairs, not willing to say hello. This is the case, what can I do? This semester will be destined to be long. Looking at it, there is still a long way, but in the twinkling of an eye I will raise two, followed by the third year, the college entrance examination, and then go to a The strange city started a new way of learning. After I watched the TV drama "The Palace Locks the Heart", I also had a naive fantasy that I would also go through the ancient times, but then I comforted myself. This is what I should face. Life, escape is no use. Physics is still my most headache subject, and this has strengthened my plan to choose liberal arts. Now suddenly it is particularly confused, the front is dark, only the faint light can follow me. The class Classmates are intrigued, there is a kind of maturity that should not belong to us, and we don��t even know which sentence they said is true. Apart from fleeing this class as early as possible, I really can��t think of any more effective method. I can��t change any one. People, but I really don't want to change myself for others. From the time of geometry, I have become so silent, it is my fate to meet any of you Newport Cigarettes, but why don't you cherish it, you must wait for happiness to slip away to understand Remaining, the Long March Road is long, I still have to walk firmly Marlboro Red, as long as I can survive, it is victory.
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