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In the first installment, Cranes peaceful world is shattered buy runescape 2007 gold when Kahn Xin (Lim Kay Tong) and his mercenaries raid his temple and slay his mentor. In search of his masters murderers, Crane infiltrates the Shanghai underworld where he encounters Jane Marshall (Hannah), a lounge singer from Brooklyn, who is on a mission of her own " to find her lost brother, who is being held captive by Kahn.

Have to thank the judge on this one. These animals should never be kept in captivity. I played a Myst like game about ten fifteen years ago on the PC and I can't remember the name, despite googling "Myst like" and various tags. All I remember (besides it was fiendishly hard) was the premise you've arrived on an alien planet in search of an exploring party that had previously come to the planet.

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